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I live in Seattle, Washington, where I climb cliffs, summit mountains, and build websites. NPR called me a modern-day Jack Kerouac after I hitchhiked 7,000 miles across the United States and a few dozen surprised drivers told me I didn’t smell bad. Since that experience, I found homes in the Pacific Northwest, the Episcopal Church, and Calvin College’s the post calvin. My writing has appeared in places such as The Emerson Review, Front Porch Review, and Perspectives.

Websites and Branding

As Managing Director for Branded, I create personalized branding and websites for contractors, small businesses, and nonprofits so every part of an organization’s image looks as good as its best work. From the logo to the letterhead, I build excellence. My team’s expertise spans website development, graphic design, copywriting, typography, and search engine optimization. We keep websites pristine, print materials powerful, and social media inviting.

Traveling on Trust

During the summer of 2013, I hitchhiked 6,700 miles across small-town America, carrying nothing but a backpack, an almost-empty wallet, and a sign that read Traveling On Trust.

I hitchhiked along cowpath highways and dime-sized towns, testing the hope that people will stop to help a stranger. I slept with a shotgun one night, rode fifty miles with a blind driver, and found myself trapped with a man who once attacked police officers with a machete—but despite a few nervous moments, I found good people. These Good Samaritans were truckers and criminals, meth addicts and Vietnam draft dodgers, New Age skiers and conservative Christians. Their diversity challenged my definition of what it means to be a good person, and my attempts to understand them came at the cost of my own convictions about right and wrong.

I kept a blog as I traveled, where I shared a few of the more significant stories that happened along the way. And The Spark, Calvin College’s alumni magazine, published a six-page feature about my story in the winter of 2013. Since that summer, I’ve written a full-length travel memoir called Traveling on Trust about the experience, and I’m in the middle of that long process of finding the ideal literary agent.

My Blogs

the post calvin

the post calvin

We are thirty Calvin alumni writers under thirty years old. Take a glimpse into our lives, our thoughts, and our writing.

Traveling On Trust

Traveling On Trust

I am hitchhiking across America in search of stories, with (1) no money, (2) no interstates, and (3) no asking for help.