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NPR called me “a modern-day Jack Kerouac,” which is not true. I am neither so well published, nor as drunk. I did, however, convince a group of friends to consistently skip recess to help me handwrite a chapter book about dogs, alien planets, and an evil witch.

After I graduated from Calvin University with a double major in writing and political science and the William B. Eerdmans Literary Award, I embarked on two projects. The first, Traveling on Trust, sent me hitchhiking for two months across 6,700 miles. I set two rules for my journey: no money, no interstates. I blogged about the experience, found myself on NPR, and then gave a slew of talks across the country, this time traveling on planes.

The second project was founding and editing the post calvin, an online journal/blog for Calvin University’s young alumni writers. I built a website, auditioned writers, handled the finances, and produced two print anthologies. When I emailed the passwords to the next generation, seven years after its inception, the post calvin had featured more than 200 alumni and 2,500 pieces of creative nonfiction.

In my professional life, I build websites as the owner of Branded Look and direct communications for St. Luke Episcopal Church. I spend as much time as I can in the mountains skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and camping.



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