I’m ready, five years later, to step past some commitment issues and put down on paper where I’m going. It’s the same direction I’ve been going for the last five years—showing up now and then, depositing paychecks, reading and listening and trying to understand—but I’m doing it officially now, which feels different somehow. I’m not sure why. I’m learning that’s okay.

Even though I don’t know everything about it, or even most things, I’m ready to join the Episcopal Church in ink and paper. I’m committing to following this path as best I can, although I can’t see the turns ahead and everyone disagrees about the map. Or a better way of saying it, since this path began before I discovered the Episcopal Church (and from a different perspective, this path began long before the Anglican Communion ever existed): I’m committing to following this path with the guidance of the Episcopal Church. Certainty in uncertainty.

Josh deLacy